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A Great Year for Peanuts in the Congo!

Foods Resource Bank’s Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) Micro Devru program
Led by Presbyterian Church (USA) - Presbyterian Disaster Assistance and local partner SANRU

This program has been supported by FRB's Community Growing Projects. For more information or to support this program or others like it, please visit the Overseas Program page on our website

Celebrate with the peanut producers of FRB’s Micro Devru program! Like farmers the world over, program participants depend on a variety of conditions beyond their control. Often the weather is fickle, yet sometimes it cooperates perfectly. The 2011 rains were steady and abundant, resulting in one of the best peanut harvests in years. Enjoy these pictures from the program, of families who’ve been able to get ahead this year. Photos courtesy of Micro Devru staff.

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Rice Yields in Cambodia Are Long-Term Results From Early Support

Foods Resource Bank’s Cambodia South program

Led by Christian Reformed World Relief Committee
and local partner Churches for Community Transformation Used with permission.
Photos courtesy of Cambodia South program.

We recently received this story from Christian Reformed World Relief Committee (CRWRC) and Churches for Community Transformation, with this note: “Often an outside funding push starts something moving, and that something gradually gathers momentum. The success of the System of Rice Intensification (SRI) in small Cambodian villages arose from the first FRB grant to CRWRC in Cambodia. The support permitted us to start trials and training with SRI .”

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Heart of the Hill - April 2012


Sunday April 15th – Thursday April 19th I co-led the Heart of the Hill Trip.  Marv and I traveled with two volunteers from O’Fallon Missouri – Christine Bimslager and Maureen Avenenevoli.  They are apart of a growing project that has an urban church in O’Fallon and a rural church and farmer in Bucyrus Kansas. 

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From Hardship to Hope and Joy in Armenia

Foods Resource Bank’s Armenia FHSLD program

Led by United Methodist Committee on Relief and local partner UMCOR NGO Unit in Armenia

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Food Security Program a Model for Other Agencies in Serbia

Foods Resource Bank’s Serbia Smederevo program #9010

Led by Church World Service and local partner Smederevo Red Cross

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Harness the wind, cut world hunger

Harness the wind, cut world hunger

By Raylene Nickel,

In rural Mozambique, cattle are a stepping stone to providing food security and stable income. But resources for establishing grazing clusters are scarce.

That’s where the Foods Resource Bank (FRB) and volunteers like Matt and Joy Kauffman of Tiskilwa, Illinois, play a role.

The FRB, based in Western Springs, Illinois, uses funds raised by volunteers to help fund self-help programs in more than 30 countries, including Mozambique.

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The Fruits of One Man’s Labor

Foods Resource Bank’s Palestine Westbank 2 program #1101 Led by Mennonite Central Committee

For Mohammad, a farmer in the West Bank, the only access to his land is by a steep overland climb through nearby valleys. He knew that any land that lies uncultivated for a certain period of time can be declared state land so, as soon as he was able to cross the rocky hillside, he began cultivating it intensively.

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Organic Farming in Guatemala

Mari and Arnulfo promote organic farming in their Guatemalan community

Foods Resource Bank’s Guatemala-Sibinal program #0107
Led by Mennonite Central Committee with local partner MCC Guatemala

In an area of western Guatemala prone to natural disasters, where gold mining is taking its toll on environment and society, deeply spiritual Mayan communities are restoring their independence and returning to Mother Earth. The Sibinal program focuses on organic farming, community development, education, food security and sustainable livelihoods as it responds to the crisis of large families living on insufficient land. 

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No one is always a giver or always a receiver

As a Hospice volunteer, I often find myself conversing with people who were once Givers and Doers and now need others' help. Changing roles is a difficult adjustment for many to make, and some experience feelings of shame as they contemplate life on the receiving end of kindness. People say, “I don’t want to be a burden on anybody.” Well, no one really wants to be a burden, but by shifting our focus we might be able to see that we can be a gift to others no matter what condition we’re in.

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Blog from Guatemala on 3/7/2012

Thirty years of armed conflict in Guatemala destroyed homes, forests and thousands of lives. To survive, people fled to other countries or more remote forests, foraging whatever edible plant foliage and roots they could find.  During these traumatic years, people forgot their indigenous practices along with the dignity of caring for home and family.

After the signing of the Peace Accord in 1996,  many people returned to their former homes and/or found new places to live in the mountains of the western part of the country.  More than 80% of returnees were illiterate, there  were no schools in these remote areas, only 5% were able to speak Spanish and there were nine of the twenty-one distinct languages in one department (equivalent to a state) alone.

Several FRB members and their local partners provide support to these indigenous people in their journey to bring healing in their lives and to “mother earth” while creating a future for their children without needing to leave their communities.

I’m reminded of the loss of knowledge of God’s people during their captivity in Babylon and their celebration upon their return when the law was read and its meaning unpacked for them. God’s faithfulness continues today to His people all over the world.  That is worthy of celebration!
Nehemiah 8:1-12

Written by Bev Abma, Executive Director of Overseas Programming

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