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Vietnam Tan Son
People's Committee of Tan Son District

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Vietnam Tan Son

Having been forced out of their traditional living grounds, but not given adequate resources to be appropriately assimilated into the general population nor sustain a new lifestyle, the Dao and Muong people of Tan Son District currently depend on the sale of  illegally procured forest products. MCC Vietnam aims to work in Thang, Dia, Suoi Bong, Nhang, Xoan, and Ha Bang villages in an integrated approach to increase food security through trainings on rice plantation, production and use of organic fertilizers, improved irrigation, and increased husbandry skills.

This project aims to increase farmers’ knowledge on soil fertility and appropriate use of chemical fertilizers sustainable use of arable land. Availability of farmable land is a big challenge for farmers in these isolated villages. Therefore, this project will build on farmers existing knowledge of domestic animal raising to provide additional food for their families. When farmers have enough food for subsistence, their current dependence on illegally procured forest products will decline.

Images from Vietnam Tan Son